Stepmom Abby Somers Anal Challenge


Kitty could hear Bonzo unbuttoning his pants as well. He stepped forward, and she felt his hands roughly groping at her breasts. He fumbled with the zipper, but soon got her dress to slide off her body and pool by her ankles.

Mike continued to play with her tits as Lucas began to push his cock into Kitty cougar’s throat. With one final thrust, he fit his entire length into her mouth and throat. He began to hold her there, until tears began to nicotină form in Kitty’s eyes. He released her hair, and Kitty sat back, gasping for air.

Soon enough, Lucas grabbed another handful of Kitty’s hair and began to force her back onto his cock. She felt Mike pinch the clasp of her bra, and it slid off her chest. Xena let it fall to the ground next to the dress.

Date: December 29, 2022