Roughed Up Naughty Hot Stepsister


I peeked out across the small masaj room. Steam obscured him for a moment, but I could see his eyes trained steadily on the floor. I cleared my throat, took a deep breath matrimoniale , and slid the shower curtain open. The sound drew his eyes up, and I saw his gaze bounce from the dildo on the wall, to my wet, naked form. The hall light behind him placed me in a near-perfect modele spotlight, or so I hoped.

He froze, utterly and completely still, except for the obvious and immediate arousal. The bulge in his boxers got me panting again nimfomane . I couldn’t look away.

We stood there, taking each other in, the cool air from the hallway seeping into the room, cooling it down. I shivered slightly, and the movement seemed to shock blonde bitch back to life.

Date: June 10, 2022
Actors: Cadence Lux