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He laughed out loud at her befuddlement. Quickly she gathered herself and walked out of the bathroom. John gave his cock a few short strokes but decided not to release his sweetest load, considering he would be getting a massage from his mature Aunt shortly. Although John had committed himself not to cross the line, he found himself not trying very hard.

Subconsciously, John wanted to seduce his full-figured busty Aunt. He had become infatuated with every part of her body. Her hips had been difficult to ignore. They reminded him of the hips in a Venus painting he had once seen gangbang . ( Nude Venus deauxma at Her Mirror Painting by Diego Velázquez ) He loved how smooth her skin was, and thinking about rubbing his hard cock against it made him want her even more. He finished his shower with his hard-on intact.

Date: June 10, 2022